Rachid Hanbali

: Morocco
Born: 1970 in Sidi Ifni.

Rachid Hanbali is a contemporary painter born in 1970 in Sidi Ifni. A lover of drawing and painting, he completed his academic career at the School of Fine Arts in Tetouan. Currently, he is based in Spain where he lives and works.
The artist is particularly interested in figurative art without limiting himself to its academic dimension. He brings his personal touch to his paintings most often representing ancestral landscapes while avoiding falling into cliché.
The artist’s creations represent a clever mix of colors, a mastery of light and shapes which thus manage to create perfect harmony.
Rachid is one of the unique contemporary artists whose work has progressed serenely towards international notoriety. Among other things, he won the first international prize in Beijing in contemporary art and collaborated with Mall Galleries UK in London where he became the first Moroccan to exhibit in this prestigious institution.

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