: Morocco
Born: 1982 in Tahanouat

Morran Ben Lahcen is a self-taught artist born in 1982 in Tahanouat and now based in Salé. The career of this artist with undeniable talent began first in the landscape of graffiti and street art before gradually moving towards new graphic experiences and a more abstract art, dominated by a reflection on the individual and his space-time.

His works revolve around vertical and horizontal dimensions and around the crossing lines. Thanks to his technical signature, Morran is now part of the avant-garde of contemporary artists, at the cutting edge of modernity.

His particular vision on life and human nature is seen in his creations which reflect this internal struggle in every human between horizontality and verticality.

His exceptional works are the result of an indisputable effort and a deep feeling whose focal point is the line. The artist presents his personal pictorial language and his particular perception to defend his own convictions.

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