Miloud Labied

: Morocco
Born: 1939 in El Kelaa des Sraghna.

Miloud Labied is a painter, born in 1939 in El Kelaa des Sraghna and died in 2008 in Rabat.
A self-taught artist who benefited from free instruction in plastic arts, drawing and painting in the workshops of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Rabat, Miloud Labied was one of the Moroccan artists who reformed the Moroccan artistic environment.
The artist began his career in a naive style, with representations of popular scenes before branching off towards lyrical abstraction by experimenting with curves and Amazigh signs.
The circular shapes which characterize his works are considered as whirlwinds which hold the artist’s imagination prisoner of an event which dates back to his childhood. Miloud created his own graphic arts foundation and since his first exhibition in 1958 at the Musée des Oudayas in Rabat, the artist has participated in several exhibitions both in Morocco and abroad.

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