: Morocco
Born : 1924 in Safi

Fatna Gbouri, painter born in 1924 in the province of Safi, in Tnine El Gharbia, and died in 2012.
Coming from a rural background and freed from any academic practice, she was one of the greatest Moroccan figures of naive art. Self-taught, the artist gives free rein to her overflowing creativity, thus giving dazzling productions in bright colors.
Her works are both simple and innocent but also endowed with an authentic and popular cachet, which highlight trivial themes such as scenes of daily life, folk costumes and popular arts, from our Moroccan ancestral rites. Great importance is given to details and colors, which reflects the mesmerizing purity and festive exuberance of his canvases.
Since 1986, Fatna Gbouri has exhibited in several national galleries before being exported internationally, notably to France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

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