: Morocco
Born: 1959 in Marrakech

Mahi Binebine, born in 1959 in the ocher city, is a painter, also a sculptor and writer. He moved to Paris in 1980 to pursue studies in mathematics before devoting himself entirely to painting. Currently, the artist has returned to his hometown where he lives and works.

His artistic universe revolves around themes related to Moroccan identity, history and culture. Through his paintings, Mahi offers a unique perspective on life in Morocco and the challenges people face in their quest for identity and freedom. His emotional and stimulating works constitute a substantial contribution to contemporary Moroccan culture.

Mahi Binebine’s fame goes beyond national borders and his works have been included in many prestigious collections, including that of the Guggenheim Museum in the United States, the Institut du Monde Arabe in France and the Bank Al Maghrib museum in Morocco.

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