: Morocco
Born: 1934 in Marrakech

Farid Belkahia is a painter born in 1934 in the heart of the ocher city and died in 2014. He represents one of the emblematic figures of contemporary art on the national scene.

After a successful academic career at Paris School of Fine Arts, the Prague Theater Institute, then the Brera Academy in Milan, he returned to his native land to occupy the position of director of the School of fine arts of Casablanca.

The artist first moved towards an expressionist style before becoming interested in working on copper, using natural materials (henna, wood, natural pigments, etc.).

Farid Belkahia has breathed new life into Moroccan heritage and its craftsmanship, making his works a perfect mix of modernity and tradition.

The artist’s works have been included in prestigious international collections including the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Georges Pompidou Center in France, the Mathaf Museum in Qatar, and the ONA Foundation in Morocco.

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