: Morocco
Born : 1938 in Marrakech

Malika Agueznay is a pioneering artist born in 1938 in the heart of the ocher city, who studied at the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca alongside the tenors of this school. She is an artist who has contributed greatly to Moroccan modernity and whose brilliant career has proven her genius as a professional artist and innate creator.
It is through the experience of engraving that she developed in New York in large workshops, that Malika gained strength.
The repetition of the same seaweed motif in her creations on canvas, in her engravings and sculptures is an exceptional consistency that we find in the artist.
Her works focused on the study of shapes and color using different materials are the reflection of a permanent research, perseverance and rigor in the work.
The career of this artist abounds with the most prestigious performances, acclaimed by professionals and art lovers as much on the national territory as in the Middle East, Europe or the United States.

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