Welcome to the first edition of our art sales catalogue, where the boldness of young talent meets the experience of established artists in a spellbinding blend of creativity and innovation. We are delighted to present an eclectic selection of works that reflect the diversity and vitality of the Moroccan art scene.

In this catalogue, the lines cross between the innovative visions of emerging artists and the established trajectories of the masters, creating a fascinating dialogue between the past, present and future of art. Each page is an invitation to explore new horizons, challenge convention and broaden our aesthetic horizons.

Whether you’re a passionate art lover looking for the next great discovery or a seasoned collector in search of unique pieces, we’re sure this catalogue will spark your curiosity and stimulate your imagination. We are proud to play a part in promoting and showcasing these emerging talents, while at the same time celebrating the genius of established artists. while celebrating the genius of the established artists who have shaped our cultural landscape.

May this first edition of the art sales catalogue be the start of an inspiring journey through the many worlds of artistic creation, where up-and-coming artists and veterans come together to nurture our shared passion for art in all its forms.